Advantages of windows created the optimal combination of two valuable materials are as follows: good stability, durability, easy maintenance and repairs, durability and easy maintenance exterior surfaces in relation to all weather conditions, a large choice of colors for the external processing and wood for defining look to the rooms, a great variety of shapes and sizes, environmentally friendly - wood is a renewable material, aluminum is totally recyclable, good thermal insulation, excellent characteristics related to building physics (noise, heat stability, improved static characteristics) which allows to reduce the overall dimensions of the profile, interiors give off a natural atmosphere for a pleasant stay.

   When creating windows combining wood and protective aluminum profile, it must be ensured that the great thermal dilatations of aluminum profiles that are externally exposed to extreme temperatures, both accept and amortized not adversely affect the quality of the window. It must be provided proper ventilation wooden profiles on the outside, that is, aluminum profiles must be so constructed and installed that the air can be continuously streaming behind them. Fasteners must be covered, and they must not reduce the intersection of wooden profiles. Technical characteristics listed in the previous window types are valid for a combination thereof.